Sign Boards


When you have got bored of the monotonous landscape, looking out of the train windows, you might have been several sign boards and signals. Have you ever wondered what they mean? Here we have explained some of them: Speed Limit: It is represented as a number on a yellow triangular board with black text. A few may have special annotations such as ‘Rajdhani Only’ indicating a special speed limit for that. At times a different blue board with white text is used to indicate special speed limits. Termination Indicator After a curve or some other speed limited part of the track ends, a yellow circular board with ‘T’ in black text is put up, to indicate the termination of the speed limit. T/P, T/G, or T/BOXN, when painted on a yellow circular board, indicates termination of speed zone for, respectively, passenger trains, goods trains, and goods trains with BOXN wagon…