Shades of Orange


Have you heard, “Orange is the New Black”? Well, now you have! There is something about this color that makes it stand apart from the rest. It renders a fresh, youthful and charming appeal we all yearn for. However, that is only if you style it appropriately. Poorly styled orange may seem outlandish and make you look like a fashion disaster. Here are a few tips to wearing orange in style: Monochrome for a Classy Look Not everyone can pull off a monochrome well and many of those who can often fail to pick the right print, patterns, and colors. If you have a fetish for monochromes then go for one in orange color. A formal jumpsuit, a plain maxi dress or a knee-length skater dress – whatever you pick make sure you pick it in the right shade of orange. Bright orange can make you look over the top…