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Do you ever feel that you are giving a lot in friendship but not getting as much response? Do you feel you are always there for your friend when he needs you but he is never there in your hour of need? Do you think if for some reason you stop talking to your friend, he will never make enough effort to reconnect with you? Well, if you have answered all these questions with a yes then you may be friends with a toxic person. Here are some signs of a toxic friend:

It is Always about Them

Signs of a Toxic Friend, It is Always about Them

Toxic people love bragging about themselves. All they ever see is their problems, their concerns, their happiness, and their ambitions. They will decide where to go shopping, they will decide where to have dinner, they will decide where to party and which friends to call. Your opinions and suggestions will never be given importance. Often, during group outings, they will be so busy impressing others that they will not even notice if you are feeling left out.

It is Always a One Way Communication

Signs of a Toxic Friend - It is Always a One Way Communication

With toxic friends, it is always a one-way communication. They will always be the ones who speak and you shall serve as their audience. They will talk at length about their weekend plans, the latest event they attended, their problems with their parents, their argument with their boss and every other thing surrounding them. But they would never be interested in listening to you. They wouldn’t show any interest in anything that you say unless it is about them. They will begin using their mobile phones or indulge in some other activity the moment you begin to speak and ignore you completely.

You are Punished with Silent Treatment

Signs of a Toxic Friend, You are Punished with Silent Treatment

The silent treatment is the preferred weapon of toxic people. They do not like to discuss things and sort them out. They just grow cold. They know that this kind of behavior will make you feel bad and question yourself and thus they do it on purpose. This can be extremely torturing. A normal person would always talk out the differences and issues and try to sort them. But a toxic person draws vicarious pleasure by giving silent treatment and troubling the other person.

It is best to stay unaffected by their behavior as this will drive them crazy.

You Always Find Yourself Alone

You Always Find Yourself Alone

A good friendship is supposed to make you feel strong and happy. Good friends always stand by each other. They are there for one another through the thick and thin of life. If you are standing alone and handling your problems on your own despite having a best friend, is he really worth the place you have given him in your life? If you find yourself all alone at all times and do not get the least support from your friend even when they know you are in pain but on the other hand expect you to be there at every beck and call then it may be a toxic friendship.

Nothing You Do Seems Good Enough

Nothing You Do Seems Good Enough

If you don’t feel that bond strengthening even after giving your hundred percent, if the other person doesn’t reciprocate the warmth and affection no matter how hard you try, if you are only expected to give, give and give and are not valued and respected then your friend may be a toxic person who is just using you in the name of friendship.

If you can relate to the aforementioned points then you most certainly are in a toxic friendship.

No matter what you do shall ever be good enough for your so-called friend. You will never be able to experience that true companionship and bond you have been yearning for. It is time to bid goodbye to such friends to give way to better and stronger friendships.

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