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Gym Trends: When we take a gym subscription, the very first thing we piel onto are our clothes. One surprising fact is that, none of the clothes match with gym hours. Nevertheless, your queries are considered here and since we know how fashion can be a task while you are doing your cardio, here are our laid out ideas that need no second guessing. They are flexible and can also take your performance and stamina level to new heights.

 Bombers are buzzing everywhere

1. Bombers are buzzing everywhere

Thanks to the whole new active wear range that constitutes mix of style and comfort. There’s no uniform you need to follow when you nail the gym trends. Yes, wearing sporty shoes add the charm but what about your whole OOTD? A pair of leggings with loose tee does no good. Dive straight into this idea then. Grab a bomber jacket to go over your tank top and panelled leggings. It’s a source we secretly scoured from the latest street style looks!

Layer your sweater

2. Layer your sweater

Spring summer has started crawling its way for sure. When we say sweaters, it means you need to layer the lightest silhouette on top. This OOTD is perfect to attain some attention while you are on the streets. Choose neutral coloured top with it and tie up a bun. Make sure your sweatpants are high waist here.

Loose tank top

3. Loose tank top

Wearing a tank top may sound outdated to you, but honestly the varied version keeps upgrading every season. Recently spotted in acid wash style, these tank tops are in every fashion girls first rack of closet. Consider your gym wear sorted as you get on board with this one. Wear them loose, tie a high ponytail, grab your leggings and stride straight with your duffle to gym.


4. Trainers

The plans fickle every time you step out of your gym. On days when you have something planned ahead, this outfit idea is the way to go. The best part? It can take you from gym to coffee or brunch hours. Trainers make for a perfect swap to your basic sport luxe shoes. We say you channel your gym figure by wearing a turtleneck tee and cropped leggings.

sports bra

5. Sports bra

TBH, there’s nothing to shy away from sports bra or cringe at the word. If you feel wearing a sports bra is going to make you feel conscious, layer a zipper jacket over it. Add bandage leggings instead of plain style here. They look chic and truly won’t hurt or dent your bank balance.

Gym bag

6. Gym bag

Who said this trend is the least noticed at work? No, it’s just not. Imagine you end up at gym with a sling bag. Doesn’t that sound just tad bit boring? Invest in a gym bag that can stow your whole world in it right from shoes to clothes. Next, change your style colour palette and try out pastel hues as well for gym hours. We are damn sure your work out will be more promising than usual.

Mixed fabric leggings

7. Mixed fabric leggings

Leggings will forever remain a gym fave, but even this section needs an update every now and then. At the end, no one wants to be tired of its functionality. Here’s a new style version that has recently landed on our radar; mixed fabric leggings. With a perfect blend of cotton and faux leather, these leggings can definitely up your gym style. Are you all set to stock up?

Oversized hoodie

8. Oversized hoodie

The season of wearing knitted hoodies might have come to an end, but as spring summer sets its foot in, you can still wear the hoodies to gym. The sweat controllers have the power to ace your gym look at all times. Disclaimer though: They will always be a part of gym regime. As that happens, make the most of it by wearing yours with white trainers and printed leggings instead of solids here.


9. Logomania

Every year, new lingos are formed in the fashion world. Welcome logomania, if you were unaware of it. It talks about flaunting the brand you own. Try out wearing your Nike or Adidas tee that showcases its logo in bold words. Believe us, this is truly the latest trend we’re eyeing on!

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