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Are you a man who is wondering whether it is possible to wearing jewelry and look good? Perhaps you have been admiring the diamond lock pendant but you are wondering how to wear it without looking so feminine? Here are a few tips that men can use to ensure that they look good when wearing diamonds.

Keep it simple

If you doubt, you need to keep your Jewelry simple. You can wear a classic leather-strapped if you are able to afford one. After you are able to sport this piece, you can now consider wearing other jewelry pieces such as the necklace.

Match your metals

Most jewelry that is won by men is usually metallic. Some of the common ones are silver, diamond and gold. It is advisable to wear an outfit that only features one tone of metal. Gold is a colour that is usually warmer. It matches better with earth tones and browns together with deep hues such as hunter green and royal blue. The silver-tone metals such as the polished stainless steels are usually neutral.

If you are wearing precious stones, make sure that you keep them to the minimum. Ensure that you stick to a single colour of a ring or ear stud. If you go with something more than that, you will be flaunting your wealth in a way that is obnoxious.

Understand the symbolism of jewelry

You cannot afford to miss the symbolism that comes with this piece of jewelry. Even though this may only take a single percentage of the visual representation, people focus on jewelry due to flash and the fact that it is uncommonly used by men. To make the matter more complicated, people can symbolize different jewelry differently. For some people, ornament Jewry can symbolize wealth and success but to others, they symbolize affiliation with organized crime. This is why it is important to understand the meaning of the jewelry that you are wearing.

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Ensure that anything that is metallic sleek and small. Also, wear jewelry that is meaningful to you. Understand when you need to wear your jewelry. Make sure that you save the best metals for the big occasion.

Dress code and jewelry

When you get to the business world, the dress code of a company can severely limit your choice of jewelry. You will find quotes such that men are only supposed to wear some tasteful jewelry pieces. If your employer requires that jewelry is limited to the appropriate, tasteful or modest jewelry, they prefer that you limit things to the traditionally masculine jewelry styles such as tie accents, cufflinks watches, lapel pins and bands. In the recent past, many companies are now expanding this to include earrings, bracelets and ethnic jewelry.

Dress code and jewelry

Piercing, apart from earrings are dicey even when used as part of casual outfits. In case your employer is comfortable with lip or nose earrings, then that is okay. However, it will end up putting off some strangers that you will interact with.

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