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Certain fashion trends make a comeback. Some happen instantly while some take a few years to make it through. While there’s nothing we can do to do break the fashion cycle, we can at least give another shot to certain trends that will be still considered fashionable for 2018. These trends haven’t reached a saturation point yet and so they truly deserve that sweet spot in your closet right away. Let’s see all the dearest trends of the season.

Arm cuffs - fashion trends by stylewati

1. Arm cuffs

Arm cuffs entered the fashion radar and left with no wrist cuffs came wrist cuffs which were hardly seen. Yes, maybe arm cuffs don’t sound that comfortable but imagine when you need a mate for your tank top, an arm cuff can come to your rescue to let you rock any basic outfit. Wear them with a pair of boyfriend jeans and flats. Don’t overdo with accessories with this ensemble.

Rubber bracelets - fashion trends by stylewati

2. Rubber bracelets

I still remember how rock chic and grunge attitude the bunch of black bracelets gave. With too much of kajal in the eyes and a whole black outfit, truly drew all the eyes. The stacks still stand out and this inexpensive deserves another chance to be in your closet. Wear them with a cropped denim jacket and black pants. Tie your hair with a bandana, courtesy of Madonna.

Culottes - fashion trends by stylewati

3. Culottes

Culottes appear like capri cousins, but they are not. Yes, they are wider, but also their loose fitting lends comfort. I feel they should get all the reward points for being so easy to wear. Bask in their relaxing power and get onboard with this trend. Style them with a blazer and a t-shirts beneath. Opt for lace up heels and notice this alternative make it up for the sweaty aura your jeans create. Try it out.

Baseball hats - fashion trends by stylewati

4. Baseball hats

These timeless hats lost their charm and just faded. Baseball hats are an absolute summer must-have. I missed them truly and I thought we would never get to see them again. The good news is you can wear it to your adventure day out or just with your plain dresses. Thanks to certain designers that made their resurgence a big deal on the runways.

Crop tops - fashion trends by stylewati

5. Crop tops

2014, noticed the crop it short trend for everyone. This midriff baring top accentuates your waist and also makes you try out other trends lying in your wardrobe. Thankfully, they are back yet again to give those long shirts a break. Opt for high waisted pants or ripped shorts as either can let you make a statement with crop tops. Don’t fret over your body type and wear them as and how you like them.

Overalls - fashion trends by stylewati

6. Overalls

If Rachel Green cracked it, you can do it too. The journey of crop tops with overalls also went in the past, but this 90’s trend needs another shot. They might not be super flattering, but they are highly comfortable and make others give you envy eyes as you dress up wearing it. Bring out the inner teen in your with this trend. It offers uber cool vibes as you wear them with basic tops, white sneakers and a mini backpack.

Statement earrings - fashion trends by stylewati

7. Statement earrings

Yes, we are moving towards minimalism, but who said wearing art deco, statement earrings was done and dusted? This trend will still make your style proud of the credentials it holds. Their debut came with a class and even now they are appreciated for the drama they own. Try wearing them for a cocktail night with your maxi dresses and metallic heels.

Corduroy - fashion trends by stylewati

8. Corduroy

I was never a fan of this trend, but even then the bottoms need a change from jeans and skirts, right? These textured velvet pants are now here with a better style idea. Choose darker colours in them so you can team them well with your bold printed shirts or your work hours outfit. For more thrill chills, opt for a tote bag and embroidered pumps to go with this one.


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