Stephen N. Mills


If you are a globetrotting enthusiast, you have landed on the right blog. I plan my vacations every six months since I have a strong nomadic nerve. Also, I always plan for a solo-travel. That’s something that I essentially need. In this blog post, I am going to share my recent travel to Morocco. I always wanted to go there. Morocco is intense, chaotic, colourful, and fragrant. I had heard that tourists either love or hate the place. I ended up loving it. Although the time was challenging when I went, I gorged myself in hiking, drinking mint tea, and absorbing the sights and catchy sounds of Morocco. I planned my itinerary on the internet. From air tickets to hotels, I booked all of it online. Thanks to my Frontier Internet Service that never lags! Also, I searched all the amazing attractions and tourist spots online. Morocco is a perfect…