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A tunic top owns the versatility of being a perfect replacement when you are sick and tired of wearing kurtas. With new trends emerging in divine denims, we couldn’t resist telling you how you can team any sort of tunic with different bottoms. Not just that, we further make it clear how this tunic happens to be the best choice for so many occasions. Let’s plunge into its awesomeness and get a few for ourselves, stat!

 Tunic with shorts

1. Tunic with shorts

If you thought tunics are tacky, you have a think coming. Honestly, tunics deserve a chance to be in your closet. The basic tees and shirt sass have always taken sides to go with shorts. This season, see your wardrobe do a 180 spin. Shorts are definitely the excuse to try out with classy tunics. Choose high stilettos in bright hues to go with it.

Tunic with ripped jeans

2. Tunic with ripped jeans

When the weather is changing its tune, this combination deserves a shot. Up your sartorial game by wearing your basic tunic top with ripped jeans. The corset belts are really trending and without any further ado, team it up with your style match. Attain extra style points as you choose a backpack to go with this repertoire.

 Tunic Ft. Dress

3. Tunic Ft. Dress

Get ready to make this versatile piece outshine your style. How you ask? A long tunic top can also sum up as a dress. Bundle up on this cue and revolution your basic LBD’s. For a perfect finishing to this one, add a choker necklace and don’t forget your rose gold watch. This brunch factor won’t let you go wrong for sure.


4. Accessories

We all love to own a few accessories and make these adornments outshine our whole outfit. Since we are talking about tunic tops here, we know how tricky this silhouette is. No one likes to have a style that’s bland. When you hit this road, just take out your bauble box and accessories your OOTD. Resort to neutrals and solids to make an impact. It’s definitely a good idea in 2018 as it is easy to style and manage.

Tunics with palazzos

5. Tunics with palazzos

Skip the usual jeans to go with your tunic tops and say yes to palazzos. We have rolled out this idea only so that you are not in a fashion rut. They are now a wardrobe staple and this impressive fashion maker definitely has our nod. Style your tunics with palazzos in bright hues. Give your outfit a stylish flair with platform boots and art deco earrings.

Silk tunic with a skirt

6. Silk tunic with a skirt

Skirts are honestly taken for granted as they come out only for boardroom meetings or party nights. This season, rely more on its versatility and see how a basic tunic has you covered. Glamourise your coffee date look by wearing this combination with a slit tunic. Add an edge with a choker necklace and classiest high pumps to go with this attire.


7. Sneakers

There’s no doubt that tunics give a vibe of ethnic wear. That majorly happens due to the length it owns. Steer clear off this mainstream notion. We say you put this together with a long tunic and choose ripped or boyfriend jeans with it. The white sneakers act like a signature statement here. We are glad this shoe trend takes fashion business seriously!


8. Gladiators

The rage of gladiators began way back in time. In 2018, you can still favour the trend ‘cuz our ultimate goal is to make the basic tunic not look blah. For impending dates around the corner, opt for a tunic top teamed with your black pants. This combination adds a magnetic appeal. After all, nailing fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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